Friday, July 14, 2017

Postcards from Lexington


  1. Jenn!! here's my comment--*A-a-u-u-u-g-h*!
    After the *rough* 2 weeks I've had @ *both* my jobs--I'd love nothing BETTER than to be @ BREYERFEST right now (whether I could handle the heat & humidity or not!)
    I come to check to your blog to see how you like your visit to Breyerfest and what "goodies" you managed to find ---and you're hugging a *good* buddy of mine !!! LYNN ISENBARGER!!! Awwwwww!!

    I've *always* wanted to meet you myself (can a person be a "holy grail"??) and you're THERE the one year I *don't* (or can't) make it!! *A-u-u-g-h*!! (YES! I'm crying "real" crocodile tears!)
    Can hardly wait to see what you come across/see over the weekend! Now I gotta go see what Lynn says about her famous visit with you!!
    Oh *drat*! Sue Bensema Young is there too??!!! I *love* talking to her the few times I've been able to attend Breyerfest myself!! Her tack is *fantastic*!!

    1. Lynn is wonderful. I've been wanting to meet her for the longest time, so I was really happy when we ran into each other!

      On the other hand, I pretty much missed Sue. I saw her very briefly in the hallway, and that was it.

      No promises, but that probably won't be my last Breyerfest. Maybe next time we'll get together!

  2. You should totally come to WI! In winter we have nothing better to do than show models! Sleigh Rally is a blast and so is my 4H club's show. We'd love to have you join us in the frozen Midwest!

    1. Sleigh Rally is at the top of my list of away shows I'd like to attend. It will happen one of these years!