Monday, July 10, 2017

Purdy preview

If you read Erin's room sales rules, you know that I will be sharing a room with Tiffany Purdy at Breyerfest. This should not come as a surprise to anyone.
Also not surprising, Tiffany will be bringing a whole herd of sales horses.
Most are brand new,
but others have impressive show records.
This one should belong to me.
There is one wonderful mare and foal set. 
These should also belong to me. 
There are also some really excellent performance prospects.
This customized Shannondell has three separate looks: loose mane and tail. 
loose mane, mudknot tail...
and show decorations. The mane and tail pieces attach with magnets. So awesome!
So... If you're in the market for Braymere tack, saddle stands, saddle blankets, sports medicine boots or Purdy horses, please stop by the Clarion Holiday Inn North, room 220 at six o'clock on Thursday. We will have all these things and more!


  1. I'd give my left kidney for that chestnut True North <3

  2. They are all so beautiful - I love how soft her finishwork looks! :)

    LOVE the Shannondell especially <3