Tuesday, July 4, 2017


If you have horses, you need hay.
Every year my friend, Trisha's family throws a big party to celebrate (or mourn) their annual hay crop. This year's HayFest was held on the last Sunday in June.
I like hay, but I like horses more. With Trisha's blessing, I arrived a couple hours early so that we could go riding. My mount for the day was Jacob the Fjord. Trish rode her Haflinger, Tino. 
Tino is a very recent purchase. He and Jacob are still defining their relationship. 
Fortunately, it's a lot smoother sailing with him and Trisha.
These two are going to be a fabulous team. 
There were several small children at the party, so Trisha's wonder pony, Arwen, was rounded up...
 and pressed into service. 
 Each child got a turn...
and she was patient and perfect for all of them.
Such a good girl! 
Such a fun day!
Thanks for the hospitality, Trisha, Chase, Norm, Donna and Russ!

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  1. Love seeing pictures of Arwen, I have pictures of Cara riding her many years ago at camp!