Sunday, July 9, 2017

The name game

I'm usually good at remembering names, but I often struggle with matching those names to faces. Because of this, I really like it when people wear name tags, especially at a big, crowded event like Breyerfest. Fortunately, the newest edition of Equine Collectibles makes it easy for everyone to create their own stylish name badge.
I scanned and printed the template,
did a little customizing...
and used colored pencils to create a portrait of Sprite.
This is a name badge I will be happy to wear.
And rest assured, I will be wearing it. One of my main Breyerfest goals is to take home some of Maggie Jenner-Bennett's tiny medallions...
photo by Maggie Jenner-Bennett
and busts that she gives to people as a reward for wearing name tags.
photo by Maggie Jenner-Bennett
No excuses, people! If you're going to Breyerfest, please wear a name tag. We want to know who you are!