Wednesday, December 7, 2016

In the bag

I don't particularly enjoy wrapping Christmas gifts, especially teeny-tiny, odd shaped ones. Since that describes most of the gifts I'm giving my hobby friends this year, I decided to try something different. I googled "dollhouse  Christmas bag printables." and used one of the templates  to make a 1:9 scale gift bag.
I thought that was cute, so I made another one.
Then I made some boxes. 
After that, things got a little out of hand. 
This was a lot more work than wrapping presents, but it was also a lot more fun.
I hope my MH gift exchange victim likes opening teeny-tiny gift bags...
She's got a lot of them heading her way!


  1. This is just purely awesome :D :D

  2. Nice! What is the horse in the second picture? And where did you get it? He's Beautiful!

    1. That's Tickled Pink. He is a slightly customized Comet resin, sculpted and painted by Sheila Bishop.