Monday, December 19, 2016

Gifted again

Today I received a Christmas box from Anne Field. Anne is one of my favorite people and shares my love of all things miniature, so I could hardly wait to see what was in the packages.
I opened the first box and found four perfect, fitted, fleece pads. 
These are so much better than mine! What a wonderful gift, both for me and for whatever lucky saddle buyer gets one of these paired with her new Braymere saddle.
The next two boxes contained an entire 1:9 scale picnic...
and a pair of skid boots. 
I also found lots of chocolate... 
 and a drawing of Emma.
What a great box of things!
Thank you so much, Anne. I love everything.


  1. Your doll sure looks comfy on all those saddle pads! I'm glad you like your gifts :)