Monday, December 5, 2016


One of my barn buddies is moving into a tiny house. She picked it up this weekend and brought it to the barn, before moving it, and her horse, to their new home in the mountains.
My kids and I are fans of the show, Tiny House Hunters, so James and I were excited about touring a real tiny house.
At just one hundred sixty square feet, this house really is tiny. 
However, the big windows and clever floor make it feel almost spacious inside. 
The kitchen boasts a nice, deep sink, three burner gas stove and... 
a full size refrigerator. 
The bathroom is also full size, with a normal flush toilet, bath tub and lots of counter space.
Best of all, Xavier will be moving with her.
She'll be able to look out her window and see him any time she wants to.
I am very happy for Theresa.
I'm also a tiny bit jealous. If my life had gone a different way, I could see myself moving to the mountains with my horse and my tiny house.

There's just one problem with that vision: What would I do with these...
and these... 
and especially these? 
As much as I like thinking about tiny house living, I am a collector at heart. I need a house with a little more room, or perhaps I need two tiny houses--one for me and one for all the Purdys. 

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  1. That is so cute! Can we get a photo after everything is moved up to the mountains?