Saturday, December 17, 2016

Just keep painting

It's a beautiful sculpt, and I was happy to receive it. However, I didn't expect it would ever be painted. Despite good intentions and copious art supplies, pretty much nothing gets painted here. My finishwork anxiety is real and crippling.

But then...

Kylee started posting pictures of other people's in progress and painted medallions on her Facebook and Instagram studio pages. Some of the Annabelles were intimidating in their awesomeness. Others, while still perfectly nice, were a level niceness that I could reasonably hope to achieve.

I thought: "I could do that."

Then: "I should do that."

Finally: "I will do that."

Before I could change my mind, I quickly prepped and primed my Annabelle.
While I was waiting for the primer to dry, I chose a painting reference. 
I flipped it to make things easier...
and dove right in.
 Because I have a terrible record when it comes to finishing finishwork, my goal was to keep painting until it was done. That didn't happen. All those little roany hairs were too much for one sitting.
"It's okay to take a break," I told myself. "Just don't quit." 
"Just keep painting." 
I've painted and painted and now, three days later, I'm just about ready to call her done. 
She's not perfect, but I think she is as good as I can expect to produce at this point in my finishwork career. I am pleased with her, and myself, and for the first time in a long time, I feel like a painter. Hurray!


  1. Looks great!

    Now I just need to get my own painting motivation/momentum back.

    1. I have a plan to help you with that. Stay tuned...

  2. 'Not a painter' she says.

    Lies, lies and slander! She looks fantastic!

  3. So gorgeous! Love the roany hairs! I definitely understand the finishwork thing. Every now and then, I pull out a couple of projects and do some painting, and then stop and never paint again for two more years.

  4. You did such a lovely job on her!

  5. My first thought when I saw her on FB was: "I want to be you when I grow up!" ;) Gotta get over my anxiety about, well, everything first.

  6. I have a medallion I should eventually get around to painting. I suck at painting.

  7. Wow!!! She is gorgeous! Came out fantastic.

  8. I have the same problem, it's the fear of failing! But if the results are often better what we expect from ourselves, it's worth the stress.
    I like how you made the shading effect to the mane, it looks both roany and shaded. :) Perfect paintjob at all.

    I also mentioned your blog in my blogtext here: because of good inspiration.