Saturday, October 29, 2016

Costume contest

We didn't have a Halloween party at the barn this year, so I was forced to look elsewhere for my annual animals-in-costumes fix. 
Today was the Costume Contest day at our neighborhood Petco. 
There were all kinds of dogs in all kinds of costumes. 
Darcy and I wore blue hats and told everyone we were twins. 
I thought we looked cute, but Darcy was really not loving her hat. 
Then Edward walked into the room. 
Darcy was captivated. 
Edward was less impressed. 
Darcy stopped caring about her hat. 
All she cared about was Edward. 
She couldn't take her eyes off of him. 
Darcy loves tiny dogs, but she didn't even acknowledge this one. 
All she wanted to do was stare at Edward. 
Edward won second place in the costume contest. Darcy was an also ran, but she did bring home some nice consolation prizes.
This was a fun outing. Maybe next year we'll try a little harder to come up with a cool costume idea. I'm sure Darcy would like to join Edward on the winner's podium.

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