Monday, October 24, 2016

Blobby Buddies

Because they arrived just a few days before the Jennifer Show, the Stick-stangs have taken up residence in the Jennifer Show section of my studio.
This is a place of honor. I love these items, and also, the people who created them. Most have been featured here already, but not this little guy.
This is a Blobby Buddy.
Photo by Marilyn Jensen
He is part of the amazing Blobby army created by my friend, Margaret Balch, for the Jennifer Show exhibitor bags.
Photo by Margaret Balch
Every Blobby was unique.
Photo by Erin Corbett
Some were standard model horse colors.
Photo by Margaret Balch
Others were "decorators."
Photo by Dayle Steinke
This one is Bronco colored
Photo by Heather Malone
I love this photo Cheryl Farrens took of her Blobby. He looks so elegant!
Photo by Cheryl Farrens
Marilyn's Blobby found his way into her dog-filled scene entry. I love this, too!
Photo by Marilyn Jensen
Margaret also made one special, bejeweled Blobby for the raffle. 
Photo by Margaret Balch
He was won by Vicky Kitzman. Yay!
My personal Jennifer Show Blobby is camo colored.
Here is with his big Blobby brother, who was also made by Margaret.
Every big, uber-competitive live show needs something fun and whimsical to offset all the seriousness. Margaret's Blobby Buddies filled this niche perfectly. I can't thank her enough for making them!

P.S. If you'd like a Blobby Buddy of your own, please check out Margaret's Facebook page and Etsy shop.

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