Monday, October 3, 2016

The pink dog collar episode

Before the Jennifer Show, Tiffany told me that one of her entries included a portrait model of her dog, Meika.
I figured that was a hint, so I made sure that there was a pink dog collar and leash on the Dogspotting prize table. 
The show began, and Tiffany's first entry included a little blond Chihuahua.
It never occurred to me that this was model Meika. I was expecting something fluffier and Meika colored, like this...
or this!
I awarded the chihuahua a model dog toy and promptly put it out of my mind. This was Mistake Number One.
The day went on. I gave out a lot of Dogspotting prizes, and mostly forgot that I was supposed to be looking for a model Meika. Then I accidentally awarded the pink dog collar and leash to one of Erin's entries. This was Mistake Number Two.
Erin let Tiffany know that she was now in possession of the pink dog collar. Tiffany was instantly and extremely unhappy. I tried to appease her feelings by awarding her next dogspot with a pooping pit bull. Strangely, this didn't make things better.
Sandy got wind of the pink dog collar controversy, and then it was on.
Every time she won something pink, she had to stand in front of Tiffany's table and rub it in. 
This was all pretty funny, except that even after Tiffany won a saddle, she was still talking about that damn dog collar.
Sensing that Tiffany was never going to let this go, I decided that my first post Jennifer Show tack project would be a super-deluxe, fancy, pink dog collar with crystals. Here it is before I straightened out those errant crystals:
I really hope this is the end of the pink dog collar episode. I don't like being grounded.

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