Saturday, October 29, 2016

Three day bender

Long ago, I had a co-worker who insisted that you should never saddle your horse with a name related to undesirable behavior. As proof, she pointed to Christopher Reeve's final mount, who was named Buck.
Christopher Reeve on Buck
Years later, I had another co-worker who owned a well bred barrel racer, who was closely related to Martha Josey's famous Orange Smash. His name was Big Smash, and she called Smash for short. When I first met Sarah, she had a cast on one arm. Yep. Smash smashed her. 
Martha Josey on Orange Smash
I was reminded of all this recently when Anne Field posted this picture on my Facebook wall. The caption read: The first and only performance class for Three Day Bender. She fell over and lost an ear after this class
Perhaps Patty's rule is as predictive for models as it is for real horse horses. That's something to ponder while I head out for a ride on Bolt Sprite!


  1. There are some who feel Three Day Bender's injury will lead her to performance greatness. Only time will tell :)

  2. Naming gods do not understand poetry or irony. They are very literal. I cringed when Vallenzeri was renamed Take Control. The new name for the colt was aggressive and possessive and tragic in the end. Take Control though not well and during the time his trainer was feeding and injecting his horses with cobalt and thyroxine, died on the training track--broken and ill. It isn't magic, it is human arrogance. It is us framing a trait or characteristic. Of course the opposite can happen too, Precious who is only precious in her owner's mind. Filters and perceptions and imagination. Model horses? :) their names reflect us--our humor, our values, our dreams. Congratulations Anne on your lovely 3-Day Bender's recent wins!