Thursday, October 20, 2016

Riding not writing

October has been a terrible month for blogging, but it's been a great month for riding.
My saddle time has been split over no less than five horses: Santana,
and Layla. 
I've ridden in the ring.. 
and on the trail...
and all of it has been good.
Eventually, the snow's going to fall, and I'll be forced back inside. For now, however, I'm really enjoying riding not writing.


  1. Gunner looks like he's posing for the camera. Lol

  2. Jennifer---I for one am *glad* that your blogging muse is kinda coming back! I enjoy reading your postings!
    Fall (along with Spring) is my favorite time of the year--the weather is finally near *perfect*!! And who could beat the beauty of the leaves turning (unless ya gotta rake them!)
    I'm darned envious!! At least you get to go horse back riding anytime you choose -instead of being stuck as a "city dweller"!!!
    With the pictures you've already posted of your countryside, I'd say "GO FOR IT!!"" Who wants to write when you can RIDE?? ENJOY!