Sunday, October 23, 2016


Three months ago, I was looking at Leah Koerper's Breyerfest Live photos and noticed one set-up that included George Morris and a pair of stick horses. 
Two thoughts popped into my head immediately. The first was, "What is going on here?" 
The second was, "I want a stick horse." 
Fortunately, there was also a photo of the documentation explaining the scene. It mentioned me by name.
Thinking this was not an accident, I commented on one of the photos.  
Under normal circumstances, I would have obsessed over that exchange. This summer was anything but normal, however. Things happened, and I forgot all about Erin's none too subtle hints. 

A couple months later, Tiffany sent me a box containing my Breyerfest loot.
You have no idea how glad I was to get Bozeman instead of Pegatits! 
There was also a small pink box...
Stick horses!!! 
As I was admiring them, I realized they looked strangely familiar.
I brushed aside the forelocks... 
"Oh my goodness, it's Rev...
and Trillium!"
Thank you so much, Leah (and Erin and Tiffany). I absolutely love my "Stick-Stangs"!

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  1. So glad that box finally got to you <3 I started work on those right after Breyerwest.