Saturday, October 1, 2016

More Colorado colors

It's been two weeks since the Jennifer Show, and life is slowly getting back to normal. 
Between sickness, show prep and show hangover, I spent most of September out of saddle. That's never a good thing, so yesterday, Mary Jo and I decided to end the month on a good note with a leisurely ride through the river bottom.
We were hoping to see some fall color, but it's a little early for that down here in Aurora. Some of the leaves have started to turn, but there were more greens than golds.
No matter. 
The river bottom is beautiful regardless of season. 
We followed the arrows... 
and found cat tails high enough to swallow a Saddlebred, 
clearings filled with summer asters, 
and lots and lots of burrs!
 We also passed by large patches of "Bob's Fluff."
I have no idea what this stuff is really called, but Karen's horse Bob just hates it! 
There is one part of the trail that's neither green nor gold. 
Mary Jo calls this area "Mars." 
It's filled with beaver downed trees, and in wetter years, it's all underwater. 
This was such a beautiful day for a ride!
As much as I loved hosting the Jennifer Show, I am equally happy for return to normalcy. Fall is my favorite season. I hope to spend as much of it in the saddle as possible.

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