Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall break postscript

On our way back down the mountain, I spotted a grey horse in a field along the highway.
I always brake for horses, so I pulled over to take his photo. The horse took this as an invitation. He left his food and came right up to the fence.
It was then that we noticed...
he only had one eye. 
Such a sweet boy! 
And what an attention hound! Every time we'd start to head back to the car, he'd make a big show of showing us how itchy he was. 
So very itchy! 
Itchy horse needs lots of scratching. 
That's better.
Wait! Don't go! Still itchy! 
 If you ever find yourself on Highway 93 just outside of Golden, please stop and pet the one eyed, grey horse. He's very itchy!


  1. What a sweet old man!

  2. Is that a "bloody shoulder" on his neck and jowel, or just some mud? There is a delightful video of a guy scratching a horse's throat. The horse is in 7th heaven, so when the guy tries to leave, the horse hooks him back with its chin. He does it about three times! ;o)