Wednesday, October 12, 2016

If the kilt fits

A year is a long time, but also not. Jim's presence is still felt throughout the model horse hobby, especially here in Colorado. We thought of him often as we were planning the Jennifer Show. At first, it was mostly: Look at all these out of state entrants. This is going to be the biggest and best show in Colorado history. Jim would have loved this! 
photo by Collyn Richmond
Then Ryan created Show Helper...
"You know," I told him. "If Jim was here, he'd be all over this, wanting to see your code and telling you how you could improve it."

"I would have liked that," Ryan said. "Jim was a good guy."

"Yeah, he was," I agreed. We shared a quiet moment, and then I said, "Maybe you should wear a kilt at the Jennifer Show in his honor."

I was kidding, mostly, but Ryan jumped on the idea. One thing led to another, and this happened.
 There will never be another Jim West, but it was good having a tech guy in a kilt at the Jennifer Show.
I am really proud of my kid.
And I still miss this man.
Clear skies, Jim.


  1. That is so awesome that Ryan did that! Jim would have loved the whole thing!!!

  2. Tears. I didn't know he did that, either. What a great way yo honor him. Wonderful blog post. <3

  3. I made sure that Carra was fully kilted for her post as 2016 NAN Registrar. I didn't know your boy also had a Jim West Memorial Kilt!

  4. Where'd you find the kilt? Online? I just saw them for sale here at our Scottish Festival, of course! Ryan looked terrific and I'm sure your friend Jim was smiling down upon the entire affair. :)

    1. We bought it through Amazon. It's made by a company called "Damn Near Kilt 'Em," which Ryan thought was hilarious.


    2. That is the best company name ever!