Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nichelle's TJS donation

In addition to being my favorite blogger, Nichelle Jones is also a darn good tack maker. 
She is perhaps best known for her Western saddle blankets and glitter bell boots, but really, everything she makes is wonderful. 
Earlier this week, I received a small package from Nichelle. Inside I found three wonderful donations for the Jennifer Show.
It's easy to see why Nichelle's glitter bell boots are so popular. They are easy to use and look great. I am so happy to have a couple pairs on the prize table.
However, I am equally pleased with this beautiful stable sheet. I just love that beautiful, blue galaxy fabric!
More (and better) pictures of all these items can be found on Nichelle's blog. Thank you so much, Nichelle, for supporting the Jennifer Show. You are as awesome as your blog and tack!


  1. Wow, the Jennifer is getting the best prizes ever!

  2. Oh,I wish Michigan was closer to Colorado...

  3. So... Is it crazy that I've been wondering if I could/should fly over... from JAPAN, for the Jennifer Show?? LOL Yeah, it's crazy... *le sigh* That blue galaxy fabric is gorgeous. Best prizes ever for this show, for sure! :)

    1. Well, you *could* decide to visit your family in Grand Junction this September... That would make it less crazy, right?


  4. Um.. yeah, I need to win some of this...