Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Halter horses

Six years ago this month, Tiffany gave me a beautiful painted Scarlett resin
Before sending her to me, Tiffany took her to a show. While there, BFF caught the eye of a prospective buyer. Tiffany told her that the model was not for sale, but the buyer was persistent. She asked about the purchase price, so Tiffany said she'd traded her for five pink halters. The buyer was speechless.
All I can say is: Best trade ever!
My War Chant resin was also a halter trade, but he cost a lot more than five halters.
This was in the pre-blog era, so my records are sketchy, but I know I made at least twenty halters for him. Maybe more. It took forever, and I called him TMH (Too Many Halters) for a long, long time.
Looking back on it now, however, I think that was a pretty good trade, too!

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