Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spring riding

The last two weeks have been all about the end of the school year...
Mom brag: James won a Presidential Award and was also recognized for having a 4.0 GPA, competing on the the Math Counts team and being a member of National Junior Honor Society. Yay, James!
and prepping for Springamathing.
However, I have also spent a little time with my favorite palomino buddy.
Chino and I went out with Mary Jo and Scarlett last Friday. Recent storms have filled the river bottom with water.
Everything is lush and green--a rare sight in dry Colorado! 
We headed west... 
and crossed the stream under the Airport Blvd. overpass. 
This took us up to a beautiful green meadow... 
with a perfect view of the white topped Rockies. Gorgeous! 
Sunday evening's ride wasn't quite as pretty, but it was just as fun. This time, Chino and I were joined by Karen on Bob and Kristina on Toby. 
We rode east to the Coal Creek Arena, 
where Kristina... 
and I tried our hands at barrel racing. 
Neither of us was very good, but we sure did have fun! 
We rode home as the sun was setting. 
Another gorgeous mountain view! 
Ryan had his last final today, James will be done tomorrow and Springamathing happens on Saturday. After that, my days will be much more open again. Here's looking forward to many memorable rides this summer!


  1. So envious of your mountain views! Thanks for sharing :)