Monday, May 30, 2016


There was a time when I would regularly come home from a live show without taking a single people picture. No more! 
Alison Martin, Collyn Richmond, Marissa Bodenhausen & Kiersten Schmieding
Now I will literally chase people down to take their photo.
Collyn & Allison
Ha ha. Gotcha, Collyn.
 Collyn skipped her high school graduation to attend Springamathing...
Alison & Collyn
and we were glad she did. 
Dana D'Ippolito, Marissa & Collyn
Don't roll your eyes, Dana! We were all glad Collyn chose us! 
Dana, Marissa & Collyn
This is the father and son team of Bernard Rocha and Fabian Rodriguez... 
and the mother and son team of Sklyar and Heather Roell.
Some of the other Springamathing attendees included Dayle Steinke...
and Teresa Buzzell.
The Clinky Show attendees included Yashka Hallein, Heather Malone...
Yashka & Heather
and Marilyn Jensen.
Heather & Marilyn
Speaking of Marilyn, she brought the most wonderful china collection. This is Fabian with her custom glazed Knut.
The Colorado hobby group is pretty small, so it's always nice to see new faces in the show hall. I was especially happy to meet Hilary Schwafel, who has painted several horses for me. 
It was also nice to meet Shelly Nelson, who judged the performance classes. 
The quality of this next photo is terrible, but I kind of love it anyway. I was so worried that our first post-Jim Springamathing would be quiet and sad, and there were some moments like that. Mostly, however, this was a fun show. This picture reflects that.
Thanks to everyone who posed for my camera on Saturday. I love you guys!


  1. What a wonderful post. Love it! Great pix as always!

  2. It's SO nice to put faces with the names. Lovely post!

  3. People posts are my favorites. <3 the Colorado group!