Sunday, May 29, 2016

Springamathing English performance

The English Performance division at Springamathing started with three over fences classes.
Three times I sent Liam out... 
and three times he placed second... 
photo by Kiersten Schmieding
behind Teresa Buzzell's Gem Twist.
Of course, they weren't the only horses in those classes. Fabian's Knightly Cadence made an appearance...
as did this cute mini. 
Teresa's reign of terror didn't end with the jumping. She won the saddleseat class with her Stone Saddlebred. My Lady Liberty was second and Shutzengel was third. 
The tide began to turn in English Pleasure. 
Schutzengel won this one... 
and also English Trail. 
Liam added a fourth red ribbon to his division totals... 
and Lady just missed the cut. 
Onto Other English! This time it was Schutzengel who didn't place. 
Lady was third,  
Liam was second... 
and Teresa's Gem was victorious.
Schutzengel won the Dressage class... 
giving her three blues and one yellow for the division. That was good enough for Reserve Champion honors.
Top prize went to Teresa's Gem.
Western is next!


  1. I have so many ideas for what you could do with Liam! He's SO CUTE! he could do a costume class as a renaissance horse or I think it would be just adorable to see him roping, pole bending or vaulting as well as scenes such as lunging, playin in pasture with dogs, trail riding or you could evenmake him running away when trying to be haltered (naughty boy) you could make him galloping on the beach, horse agility, free riding, trick riding, mounted shooting, gymkhanna events like hurry scurry, dollar bill class or extreme cowboy race, put two or three child dolls on him and have him galloping through a field in a halter, heck why can't he be a track pony or a mounted patrol horse? he could even be a curcus horse WHY NOT!
    OMG Hope stop your just going to get your butt kicked even worse in MEPSA LOL! But seriously you could do so much! don't limit him!

  2. Liam is a cool horse. I really enjoyed showing him at Springamathing, but right now he is a challenge for photos just because he's so big. Specifically, he is very long--too long really for my usual backdrop. I'm going to need to find somewhere else to photograph him.

  3. well I'm sure you will figure it out! You always do! You should bring him with you to M.I.M in a few weeks maybe you can find a pretty spot for him to strut his stuff for the camera up there!
    I'm bummed because I will only be able to attend on Saturday to show, so won't have much time for pictures! :(

  4. You're going, too? YAY!

    I'll probably bring a horse or two, but it won't be Liam. He's just sooooooo big.

    I'm also bringing Ryan, which should be interesting. It will be his first live show since he was a baby in my arms.


  5. Aaww poor Ryan, but hey it's my first live show too so he won't be super alone, I think I'm only 4 or 5 years older then him so at least he won't be sooo much younger then everyone else either lol! :( :( fine you have permission to leave Liam at home haha! I am excited to meet you guys and to show OFCOURSE! and I'm excited to come home with alot of jealous feels towards everyone else's beautiful horses lol!