Friday, May 6, 2016

BreyerWest customs

All these great show photos remind me that I never finished posing pictures from BreyerWest. In particular, I have yet to share photos from the spectacular custom division.
This was, hands down, the biggest and best custom division I have ever seen.
The tables were crowded with horses by some of the hobby's brightest stars. I recognized pieces by Pamala Hutton,
Lynn Fraley, 
Mel Miller, 
Tiffany Purdy,  
Frances Stevens,
Allie Davidson, 
Tammy Myrold, 
Cindy Evans,
Amanda Brock
and Josie Inman...
plus a lot of equally nice horses... 
by artists unknown to me. 
Mostly, though, there were Minks.
They came in all sizes, 
and colors... 
and every... 
was spectacular.
The Overall Championship callback table was essentially a Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig showcase.
Every shower in the hall gathered to take photos... 
of some of the hobby's most iconic models. 
Top honors went to these beauties, both of whom are owned by Barb Ness.
Congratulations, Barb, and thank you so much for bringing all your treasured Minks to BreyerWest!


  1. I'll take the Mink what looks like a hackney/DHH please!

  2. The dapply palomino salinero is another Mel Miller piece!

  3. Spectacular is right!! I'd like my breath back please...

  4. So I'm confused, I asked earlier where I could get these and from this post I'm getting that they are bryers and the people showing these are designers of them?

    1. These horses are Breyer's that have been "customized." Artists have taken these horses and have either repositioned and resculpted a bit and then painted these creations or just repainted over the plastic body. Some of them have had the plastic manes and tails sanded off and replaced with a mohair version. Breyer has some articles on it:

  5. Adding to what Jenn said, these are all Breyers that have been customized by individual artists. The horse pictured in this post are all extremely high quality, and rarely, if ever, come up for sale. However, you can find a multitude of sales models at Model Horse $ales Pages.

  6. The details on the appaloosa spots and the dapples on some of them is amazing.