Monday, May 2, 2016

Sunshine and performance pictures

If my Facebook feed is any indication, the model horse hobby is currently experiencing a period of extreme drama and negativity. In an effort to lighten the mood, today's post is all sunshine, rainbows and awesome performance pictures. Many thanks to Anne Field for allowing me to share her photos the  Quabbin Valley Performance Open show, which was held last Saturday in Spencer, Massachussetts.

I'm starting with Kate Dwyer's Aeorosmith, mostly because I love everything about this entry. Everything!
This entry has a pretty mule and a pretty jump. I love it. 
I also love this roany pony with his cute little ear bonnet. 
This horse is extremely cool, and his doll is riding very well. Yay, it makes me so happy to see a huntseat doll sitting in a forward position!
A games entry with a model model horse? Yes, please. 
This is just cute.
Here's a really elegant harness entry... 
and an adorable little MoNeigh. 
I love the burst balloon bits in this mounted shooting entry.
I also love these cattle numbers.
Here's a good entry with good documentation.
And here's that pretty mule with those pretty poles again. 
This horse is gorgeous... 
and the colors in this entry look really, really good together. 
Here's a nice natural trail diorama... 
and a really cool Extreme Cowboy type entry. 
In honor of Mackenzie, I'm closing the post with a 1:0 scale round of Dogspotting. There's one.
There's two!
Close-up because his face is cute.
This entry has two dogs... 
and this one has five.
Here's the unofficial QVPO Dogspotting champion with six dogs. Woot!
Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I feel better now. Thanks again to Anne and congratulations to all the amazing showers at QVPO. Those were some awesome entries.


  1. I have a weird question. I don't show model horses, but I like following your blog for all the pretty pictures. Anyway, my question is about mules. I have a mule and compete with her, but I'm very aware of the rules regarding mules and mules aren't allowed in rated eventing or hunter/jumper shows. Yet I see a lot of model horse performance entries with mules doing those sports. Why is that allowed in model horse performance? I though the models were supposed to follow the rules of the sport and show examples from real events as proof of realness?

    1. When I see a mule showing in hunter or jumper classes, I assume a mule show or an open show. It's nice if the documentation specifies that, but it's not really necessary. The internet is awash with photos of mules showing in hunter and jumper classes.

      The event thing is a little harder, just because events tend to be recognized. I usually say mine is competing in a local eventing derby.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks. I was just curious; especially about the eventing.

  2. I am a new model horse shower and the QVPO show was my very first show. It was awesome. Everyone was very welcoming and Joan was very helpful with suggesting how to make the beginners entries better.