Sunday, May 29, 2016

Springamathing other performance

Technically, there were six divisions at yesterday's Springamathing live show: OF Plastic Stone Regular, OF Plastic Stone Rare, OF Other Plastic, Artist Resin, Custom and Performance. For me, however, there was only one division that mattered, and that was Performance. Here's part one of the recap.

The day started with a one entry harness class. 
The next class was a three entry combined native costume event that included one Native American... 
and two Arabian costumes. My own Schutzengel looked smashing in the six year costume...
but top honors went to Teresa Buzzell's horse wearing a costume by Cary Nelson. 
photo by Kiersten Schmieding
Other Costume/Parade was next. 
 This class included two, really nice...
and well-documented novice entries,
one Arab costume that missed the Native Costume class, 
and two parade entries. 
Schutzengel (with an assist from Jose) won the blue. 
Second place went to Teresa Fedak's Surprise. This was Teresa's first ever performance entry and her first pink NAN card. Hurray!
Onto Other Performance! 
this was basically a showmanship class.
Showmanship is not my strong suit, but this time I tried really hard to put together a polished entry.
Liam was a couple slots back in third.
With two firsts and one second, Schutzengel was named champion of the Other Perfromance division, and my day was off to a great start!


  1. Looks like some novice/youth performance classes are due!

  2. Past Springamathings have included Novice divisions, which have never been well attended. I had two good (adult) showers one year, but other years failed to attract a single entry.


    1. That's too bad. It's been so long since I've shown I'd be novice too.

  3. Awesome entries! Thank Teresa for me, she did a beautiful job setting up her parade set! I love seeing sets I made do well for their owners and with this being her first time this is awesome!