Friday, May 20, 2016

More draft performance

Although it wasn't my intention, yesterday's post about showing a Clydesdale in performance netted me some wonderful reference photos, which will make Liam's job at Springamathing just a little bit easier. Since I know there area  lot of draft horse lovers in the hobby, I'm sharing some of those pictures here.
This first group comes from Scottish hobbyist, Christine Sutcliffe. She writes: Ridden Clydesdales are fairly normal over here so you could always show him under UK showing rules. 
Here are some gorgeous examples from the Royal Highland Show a few years ago! 
Closer to home, my friend and fellow blogger, Lauren Mauldin, recounts seeing a purebred Percheron showing at a local hunter show in Texas.
She writes: We've had a full percheron show at our local shows. His owner proudly told me, "This is my horse and he didn't like being a cart horse so now we're going to be hunters!"
She didn't win a single ribbon either, but she sure did have fun.
Thank you, Christine and Lauren! I love the pictures and will definitely use some of them for Liam's live show documentation.


  1. At our stable we have a boarder with a lovely Shire, which she shows hunter. And there's also a Clydesdale, all legs, for trail rides (supplementary oxygen is provided gratis). You have inspired me to try a ridden draft for photo and live shows.

  2. Beautiful photos. Horses of course also. I love the horses with heavy type, they are truly amazing.
    PS. Sorry for my English - I'm Polish

  3. There's a gal in New Jersey who events with her Percheron. She's in the Air Force and competes with their team, too.

  4. Thank you both! I have a draft resin I plan to show in performance :)