Monday, May 11, 2015

Potato chips

In addition to the world's most beautiful Western pleasure saddle, my recent Erin box contained a little bonus: a lime green saddle pad by Nichelle Jones of Desktop Stables.
 This is my fifth Desktop pad, joining the pink and orange pads I bought in March...
and the blue and black pads I bought in April. 
These are not the only pads I've added to my collection in 2015. There's also the felt pad I got from Rachel Fail...
as well as three cross stitch pads-- two by Bobbie Allen and one by myself.
Somewhere along the way, I also bought two English pads from Jana Skybova. 
Eleven pads in five months? It's possible I might have a problem...
but they really are like potato chips. You can't stop at just one!


  1. That just means you need more saddles! ;)

  2. I'm in denial about my boot addiction. I finally perfected an adjustable performance boot, and my desk is covered.

    1. This comment demands a photo!

      P.S. Thanks again for the pad!

    2. You are welcome! My desk is covered in things from a secret project, so alas no photo. The last prototype before the final design was photographed at MITS, I know Maddy took a few photos, and she'll share them soon.

  3. Yep it's time to start making handwoven pads, since you guys will buy tons ;)

  4. I can use a few more new ones myself....

  5. They are like potato chips! I bought one of Rachel's and one from Jana this year too along with several I made. I'm addicted too.

  6. I counted my mini saddle pads the other day. Western and English combined, minus the felt English.......54....... You don't have a problem..... I have only purchased 5 this year...... but.....year is young.

  7. Hmmm... well, I've stitched a ton of saddle pads... and I have no saddles, nor have I ever even showed in performance! Ha! I'm slowly working towards both of those things - in the meantime, I'll keep on stitching! :D I think all of those pads are really neat. When I do venture into performance showing I'm sure I'll be getting some other pads too.