Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Post weekend show report

Today I am delighted to share another Canadian show report. Thank you so much to Rebecca van Leeuwen for sharing her first showing experience with all of us!

Toronto Live 2015

by Rebecca van Leeuwen

This past weekend, a group of hobbyists traveled to beautiful Ballantrae, Ontario, Canada to attend Toronto Live 2015, hosted by Lisa Sharpe. This was my first time exhibiting, and I was SO excited to meet and greet with other model horse collectors at this NAN-qualifying event. Each class was double-judged for halter and collectibility. The Ontario hobby scene is relatively small; however, several new shows have been hosted over the past couple of years and a new club called the Toronto Plastic Ponies Club has begun to hold swap and education meets. 
Lisa generously donated five of her resins as part of the raffle, including a gorgeous Fluido painted by exhibitor Lynn Cassells-Caldwell.
The custom champion and reserve champion ribbons were very impressive.
A small but mighty performance division included this adorably scruffy pit pony called “Old Billy,” owned by Jennifer Hardacre.
Some enthusiastic participants in the kids’ division brightened everyone’s day!
I was extremely surprised and pleased that my GG Valentine placed first for halter in a very large warmblood class!
Probably my favourite moment of the day was after the OF Breyer Longears division judging was finished and Lisa yelled, "Get your a$$es off the table!"

Lynn’s drafter won her the overall resin champ title and a cute mini foal resin donated by Carol Huddleston.
My new friend Erica won the OF Breyer collectibility championship with her silent auction buy, one of only twenty made.
I had a great time talking plastic horses and seeing everyone’s beautiful entries. If any readers in Ontario are interested, check out the Toronto Live Facebook group to get in on the action!


  1. OMG NO WAY. How did I not know that there was a model horse live show in my own city???

  2. You should join us next time! I think there is an all minis show planned for August and another regular show planned for October :)