Monday, May 25, 2015

Grey Appaloosas

I hadn't intended to write another Springamathing post. Then I realized that I'd neglected to share pictures of my new grey Appaloosa.
Springamathing is a Stone sponsored show. Entrants compete for trophy models, and each judge receives a limited edition judge's model. This year, the judge's model was a beautiful grey Appaloosa Ideal Stock Horse.
I don't actively collect original finish models, but this guy is a keeper. I absolutely love his color.
It reminds a little of my favorite childhood Breyer, Zucchini.
The Family Arabian Mare isn't very popular these days, but my younger self loved this model. To my six year old eyes, she was the most beautiful horse in the world.
Zucchini lives on the shelf in my studio, I decided to dust her off and take a photo of my two grey Appaloosas.
I can't speak for anyone else, but I think they're both beautiful!


  1. Very beautiful - both of them! My very first Breyer was a Smokey and though that mold is usually considered crap, it is a sentimental favorite of mine. I also have the FAS and FAM in grey appaloosa and the whole family in charcoal. Those came to me as part of my mom's collection and I love them too.

  2. You should name the new boy Cucumber to match Zucchini!

  3. What a cute little girl!