Thursday, May 14, 2015

Post weekend show report

Since I'm travelling today, this post is an "almost wordless" style show report from tackmaker, Maddy Hinman of Lazy H Custom Tack. She writes: These photos were taken at Models in the Sunshine (MIT), which is a super fun show hosted by Jackie Moore and Cindy Dilks in Ocala, Florida. I especially enjoyed meeting fellow tackmakers, Emma Van Riper, Becky McCorkendale and Rachel Fail. Hope you enjoy the performance photos! Thanks so much for sharing, Maddy. I enjoyed the pictures very much!
Peek-A Boo I See You customized and painted by Tiffiny Purdy, owned by Karen Holland
Maddy prepping her in hand trail entry
Other Performance Reserve Champ owned by Rachel Fail, tack by Rachel and Breyer
Shotgun Rider owned by Madelyne Hinman, tack by Niki Hertzog, cow painted by Lazy H Custom Tack
Entry and tack by Rachel Fail
Saddle by Rachel Fail
Light My Fire owned by Mike Owens
Raj owned by Jil Aman, costume by Jil Aman
Lady Hawk owned by Carol Owens
Other Performance entry by Jennifer Arsuaga.
Mini food!
Ticket To Heven painted by Shana Bobbit, tack by Rachel Fail, owned by Rachel Fail
Greyfeld owned by Mike Owens, tack by Galxey Sparrow Studios
entry owned by Jessica Mashburn, tack by Rachel Fail.
Black Lee owned by Susan Parker, tack by Braymere Custom Saddlery (I think!)
Entry owned by Susan Parker, tack by Evelyn Munday
Entry by Emma Van Riper
Sun Daze painted by Lisa Bickford, saddle by Lazy H. owned by Madelyne Hinman/Lazy H Custom Tack
The next generation of tackmakers: Becky McCorkendale of Flying B Miniature Tack, Grace Caffera, Jewel Evans, Madelyne Hinman of Lazy H. Custom Tack & Emma Van Riper of Home Stretch Studios


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the photos Jennifer! :)
    It's so amazing to see my photos on your blog since your blog has helped me all along with my tack making.

    Thanks again! ♥

  2. I love all the model horses. They are all so beautiful. :)