Friday, May 15, 2015

Mountains, models

When most people think of Los Angeles Country, they picture beaches,
and movie stars. 
Not me! I think of mountains. 
My parents live at the base of the San Gabriel mountains, less than a block from the entrance to Eaton Canyon
I usually hike up to the falls when I'm home, but today I decided to climb the Mount Wilson Toll Road instead.
 This trail is a long, steep fire road that eventually leads to the top of Mt. Wilson.
The grade is a pretty consistent ten percent, so it didn't take long to see some awesome views of both the city...
and the mountains. 
 That's my parents' street down there. Try as I might, I couldn't pick out their house. Too many trees!
A more prominent landmark is the site of the former Eaton Canyon Riding Club.
Sigh. So many of my best childhood memories happened on that piece of land! 
I walked until the FitBit register one hundred floors. 
Then I walked a little more, rested a bit and headed home. 
I've also spent a lot of my day preparing for tomorrow's Models in the Mountains event.
I've gone through the California herd, deciding who to sell...
and who to keep!
It's been a great trip so far, and I think the best is yet to come. I am really looking forward to tomorrow and Models in the Mountains!


  1. The mountains are gorgeous! I'd love to visit some place like that one day. I was in Oregon a while back and we did a bit of hiking, be we didn't get the amazing view you got :)

  2. How neat! I love all those old vintages and the fact that you still have them. I think that's what will happen to all of mine now. I love, love, love that old Man O War!

    1. If you want the Man O War, I will send him to you for just the price of postage. Let me know!


    2. I will have to ask my parents about that but I am very interested. Thank you!

    3. I will take him! Parents gave me the A OK!

    4. Can I purchase the bay nursing tb mare as well? Thanks again!

    5. The mare found has found a new home, but I saved Man O' War for you! Send your address to and I will get him out to you tomorrow or Tuesday!

    6. Ok thank you very much! Will do.

    7. Just sent the email! Thank you so much!

  3. That view is amazing! And I love the grey running vintage in the second last photo. S/he looks in really good condition, considering age!