Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Model horse show in the mountains

Because Models in the Mountains was so much more than just a live show, most of my event posts have focused on everything but the competition. This might lead some readers to think the show wasn't particularly special. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite the abbreviated class list and lack of NAN cards, this show was pretty darn awesome...
especially in the Original Finish ring! 
As always when I judge OF, 
it was a good day... 
to be an Eberl. 
It wasn't a clean sweep, however. I am also quite fond of the work of Maureen Love,  
Sue Sifton... 
and Carol Williams.  
Everyone brought their A game, but I was most impressed by Denise Doyle's fabulous herd... 
of one of a kind Stones... 
and Barrie Getz's amazing collection of vintage goodies. 
This is a 1970's test piece for Yellow Mount. So cool!
At first I thought this was a Breyer Western Horse, but it's actually a Hartland Victor.
This is an extremely old and rare model. 
The green color is not original. She probably started out as chestnut, but the decades have turned her a lovely shade of green! 
I ended up awarding two sets of rosettes, one for breed and one for collectibility.
The Custom/Resin classes were much smaller. 
At first I thought this girl was in the wrong ring. 
She looks OF, but in fact, she's a custom by Karen Grimm of Black Horse Ranch. Although I've heard of BHR customs, this is the first time I've seen one in person. 
Overall Champion of this division was Barrie Getz's Eberl Verrochio resin painted by Barrie herself. 
Reserve went to another one of Barrie's horses. This is a Breyer Spirit with a resin head. Like the Verrochio, he was painted by Barrie. 
Thanks again to Corina and all the showers at Models in the Mountains. It was really a privilege judging your beautiful horses!


  1. Thank you for all the details. Appealing prizes! I've had a BHR repaint since the middle 1990s. They can definitely fool you!

  2. Hi :) I apologize, but I have a question that vaguely regards this post. I recently received a PS performance horse (Bright Zip) in a tack trade, and I was wondering, do you know what action the mold is preforming? It is a dumb question, but I couldn't think of anyone better to contact. If you happen to read this and are willing to help, I would appreciate if you could respond to me at Thank you, and I apologize for clogging your comments and the wall of text ~Carly H.