Thursday, May 21, 2015

Models from the mountains

I'm back in Colorado, but as Seth says, re-entry is difficult. I've been so busy playing catch-up, it's taken me two full days to unpack and photograph my souvenirs from Models in the Mountains.
This Musetta resin was sculpted by Deb McDermott, who also donated her to the event. I received her as payment for promoting and judging the show. I told Corina that wasn't necessary, but I didn't argue when she insisted. After all, who wouldn't want a Musetta?
This mare is absolutely beautiful. I am delighted to add her to my collection.
The three small models are leftover show prizes.
Like Musetta, they were sculpted by Deb McDermott. However, these are not resins. They are "toy" models produced by CollectA.
I don't usually collect anything in this scale, but these ponies were impossible to resist. Such wonderful sculptures! Oh, how I wish the Dartmoor was traditional scale. I would have a entire herd of him.
I also brought home some of Corina's extra topiary arrangements. 
Like the CollectA's, these were supposed to be prizes for the show. Since entries were light, most of them went unclaimed. Although I would have liked to see a better turnout, I was happy to re-home some of the leftovers.
My final souvenir is a piece of the mountain itself. After all, Models in the Mountains was at least as much about the mountains as it was the models.  
I am pleased to have so many reminders of my wonderful weekend in the mountains. Thanks again to Corina Roberts for hosting this event and also to Deb McDermott for donating that lovely Musetta.


  1. that Musetta is gorgeous and looks just like my lease mare! glad it was a good trip

  2. Glad you had a great trip! Thanks again for the new pony, can't wait until he arrives.