Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pictures from today's ride

It's been grey and rainy for more than a week, but this afternoon, the clouds parted and the sun came out in honor of Miz Scarlett's tenth birthday.
Mary Jo and I decided to celebrate the occasion with a short trail ride. My mount was Scarlett's boyfriend, Santana.
We headed out...
and the happy couple decided to spend most of their time bickering... 
but really, they do love each other! 
 All the rain has turned our usually dry trails into a lush, green paradise.
Neither horse could resist... 
the lure of fresh spring grass.
Normally, we don't allow this sort of misbehavior, but today was Scarlett's birthday. She can eat if she wants to. Santana, too!
 Although we stayed up high, we did check out the water levels in the river bottom.
This area used to be ride-able, but last year several beaver families moved in. Now it's become more of a lake than a creek. 
Such a beautiful day for a ride! 
When we got back, Santana and Scarlett shared a post ride carrot. 
See? They really do love each other. 
This was almost like the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp
Happy birthday, Miz Scarlett. Here's to the next ten good years!


  1. The carrot pictures are super cute. Although having been aruond horses who shared a love/hate relationship I'm very familiar with the bickering look as well.

  2. oh man - the mare glare is strong with that one! super cute carrot pics tho :)