Thursday, May 28, 2015

Photography season

I am not a professional photographer.
 No really. 
I have a nice camera, and I like taking photos, some of which look professional. But still... I am not a professional photographer.
That said, I seem to be fielding a lot of requests for photo shoots. I don't usually accept them, because, well... I'm not a professional photographer. 
Occasionally, however, I let myself be talked into making an exception. 
My friend, Tracey, has two off the track Thoroughbreds that she is prepping for sale. Today I drove out to Denver Equestrians in Littleton, Colorado to take pictures for their sales ads. The lighting wasn't ideal for the under saddle shots and conformation shots, but I'm ridiculously pleased with the portraits.
Oh, that was fun! Maybe one of these days, I'll take a class or two and learn how to be a real photographer.


  1. Wow, those look amazing! And that chestnut seems ridiculously photogenic. With pictures like that, I'm sure those two will sell quickly.


  2. they turned out really well!

  3. They look quite professional to me!

  4. I ride at DE! Bogie the dapple gray (I am pretty sure its bogie!) Looks great!! And I think the chestnut might be ginger.... do you remember the names?

    1. You are correct. That's Bogie and Ginger in the pictures. My friend, Tracey, has moved on to Hunter Farms in New Jersey.