Thursday, June 26, 2014

Purdy progress

Tiffany's 2014 NAN/Breyerfest wishlist included a pink pony jumper set, a full set of roper boots, a Morgan halter, a sparkly stock halter and--last but not least--one set of panniers to match the packing set I sent her last month.
I finished the panniers last night and did a little happy dance. 
Then Tiffany said, "You're not going to believe this. I don't have any pink roping reins."


First off, I know I've made her pink roping reins.  Also, why is this my problem?  Roping reins are extremely easy to make.  They're just braided floss with a little bit of leather on the ends.  Tiffany has made multiple costumes and parade sets.  She is more than capable of creating her own roping reins.
On the other hand, Tiffany's my best friend.  It won't kill me to make her some pink roping reins.  
All of this stuff is on its way to Illinois 
Good luck at NAN and Breyerfest, Tiffany.  And no more last minute additions!


  1. And why is the dude holding a machete-looking thing? Is that to whack a certain demanding Pink Person upside the head if she submits another order? ;-) Great-looking collection of goodies, though - she ought to be thrilled!

  2. I don't know which is worse, the dude holding the machete-looking thing or the gallows in the background. Are you thinking of hanging someone, Jennifer? ;)

  3. You two are funny! The "gallows" and "machete" are part of a ring spearing set-up. You can see it in use here and here.

  4. I knew what it was, but I still thought that yellow thing looked like a gallows! Definitely had the same thought as Brenda...

    Congratulations on finishing up your Big Purdy List! Now make sure she sends you plenty of pics so we can oogle everything in use :D

  5. I love the detail in the packing set! Well done on your purdy order!