Friday, June 6, 2014

The foal whisperer

Every time I go out in the pasture to play with the foals, Fortunataa's baby does this.
I would be offended, but truthfully, he's not the one I'm there to see. 
James and I went to the barn a couple nights ago.  
Spring Fever was his usual friendly self... 
but "Tiny" was as stand-offish as ever.
But then...
James started working his magic... 
and just like that...
he and Tiny were BFF's.
In fact, Tiny was so relaxed around James...
he ended up lying down... 
and taking a nap... 
in James' lap! 
 It's official...
James is the Foal Whisperer!


  1. I think this may be my favorite blog post of all you have ever done. Beautiful pictures!

  2. That is one kind young man. The animals trust him completely. And I love the way Jame's hair matches the foals' hair! Super fun post.

  3. So freaking cute! If you have any other photos of the two, don't be afraid to post them... :D

  4. I always think of myself as a hard a** but this post actually brought tears to my eyes. Just lovely!!

    What a special young man you have there - the animals know it, too!

  5. That was magical. Thanks so much for sharing these moments with us!

  6. that is so adorable!!!!!

  7. I'm with the ones who got teary... I just love this. :)