Friday, June 13, 2014

My new halter

Mystyc broke my halter.
It didn't take much.  After all, that halter...
Pat, 1984
 was more than thirty years old!
Snickers and Jeremy in 1985
Mystyc has her own halter, but I don't like it.  Rope halters aren't my favorite anyway, but this one is too big and battered...
and does not flatter Mystyc's pretty face. 
Every time I tie that rope halter onto her head, I think about buying something better so I was pretty happy when I got my flier for this year's Dover tent sale.  Leather halters for less than twenty dollars?  I'm in!
I drove out to Parker this morning... 
and claimed my halter! 
The leather is a little stiff and stinky...
but Mystyc looks beautiful in it...
and I am pleased with the newest addition to my tack collection!


  1. She looks much happier with her spunky new halter! Always loved a nice leather halter, too bad there's no decent ones for an affordable price over here for the miniatures.

  2. Aww love the second to last photo!

  3. I'm skipping the sale this year as I really can't think of anything I want... or that Flick needs. (except carrots)

  4. I like the look of rope halters, but that new halter on Mystyc looks so much better. And what a deal on the price!

  5. I find that Hydrophane leather oil works WONDERS at softening up stiff leather in a hurry. It WILL darken light leather, but since Mystyc's halter is already Havana, that shouldn't be an issue for you! :)