Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bit by bit...

and boot...
by boot... 
Tiffany's pink pony set is finally nearing completion!


  1. THAT is SEXY!!! I have two Qs for you: do you get the bits to stay in the model horses' mouths? and 2.where do I go to find the prices of your fine tack since I an a newby, and therefore have no customs, tack, props, or etc to trade with? thanks! PS:i have been reading your blog for around a year now and have learned so much from present and older posts, I am still confused and new to the model horse world...such as where to go to buy things and such, so could you do a post on the basics of the model horse world or something.. please? I would greatly thank you and it would also help the other newby visitors that read this too. thanks again!!!!! Megan M. age 14, FL.

  2. Your "pink pony set" is remarkable in showing how English tack can do just as much color as Western (think Shannon Granger). I never would've thought it. For decades English has been so conservative; now this!

  3. I love the pink boots, never though I'd say that haha