Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Fever

Unlike Rat Bait and Cuter Than Meeka, the third model in my epic Purdy box doesn't have a unique story of hobby friendship stretching back over the years.  In fact, as recently as two and a half months ago, I didn't know I needed an Arabian foal resin.

Then this happened.
Just two days after he was born, Kenlyn Spring Fever's mother died suddenly.
Everyone at the barn banded together to raise the orphan...
until a nurse mom could be located.
Although he no longer needs his human mommies, Spring Fever is still the friendliest, most personable foal you could ever hope to meet.  I love him.
Tiffany knows all about this, so she decided I needed a Spring Fever portrait.
This little guy is a Kathi Bogucki Bidjar resin.  
He came from Tiffany's nekkid resin stash, not mine, proving that really is as generous as she is talented!
Thank you so much Tiffany.  I love him almost as much as much as the foal that inspired him!