Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Springamathing 2014

This was a weird show.
 Some of the weird was good...
and some of the weird was offensive.
Depending on your point of view, Jim's wardrobe...
could be listed in either category! 
Unfortunately, some of the weird wasn't so good.  A glaring example of this was the lack of ribbons.  Yes, you read that right: for reasons beyond the showholder's control, some of the divisions didn't have ribbons.  Basically, you'd put your horse on the table, and wait for the class to be judged.  If the judge placed a NAN card next to it, you knew you'd won first or second.
If there wasn't a NAN card...
you had to ask the judge or check the judge's sheet.  
This was borderline okay in principle, but less so in practice.  It made a big, busy, confusing show even more confusing.  I don't generally keep my ribbons, but I do like to have them on the table!  
On the plus side...
there were a lot of beautiful things... 
on those ribbon-less tables!
I spent most of my day near the performance ring...
where the competition... 
was both friendly...
and fierce. 
I won one trophy model...
and bought one inexpensive waste mold resin.
I did not win anything in the raffle...
but that's okay.  
My goals for this show were mostly social, and in that respect, this show was a winner.  A weird winner perhaps, but a winner nonetheless!


  1. Inquiring minds want to know what was considered vulgar. I think we have a pretty liberal interpretation of that word here in R3!

  2. Replies
    1. Performance had ribbons (can you imagine trying to select the champs without them?!?) so I got my satin fix there. Still, it was pretty unsatisfying to not have them in the halter classes.

      In addition to not sending the ribbons, the Stone Company also neglected to send the gift certificates for the Champs and Reserves. My trophy model should have come with a $25 credit to the Stone store. She didn't.

      Sad panda, indeed.


  3. I'm so envious that so many of my 'internet' friends got together... People that I'd like to get to meet and become actual friends with!!! Hugs to all of you!!!

    1. If you ever want to come up for a show, you're more than welcome to stay here. I can't promise I'll have a working shower for you (sorry again, Erin!), but mostly we take good care of visitors from other regions!

  4. Whoa....I don't see anything offensive. Interesting show. Oh well, maybe next time will be better!

  5. It's possible that there was a naughty picture drawn in the kinetic sand base of one of the Western Games entries...

    At least that's what I deduced from reading Facebook the day *after* the show. Somehow I completely missed the entire event. I get pretty oblivious when I'm showing performance!

    Worth noting--the writer of the note wasn't really offended. We're a pretty laid back bunch. It takes a lot to truly offend!

    1. Oh...I see. I understand sarcasm. I am really good at it! ;)

  6. Looks like the show was interesting in many ways! Will you be doing another post with photos of the performance entries? Love those posts!

    1. I am working on a post about my own performance horses. However, because I showed so many of them (five!), I didn't have time to take as many pictures as I usually do. There probably won't be anymore pictures of anyone's entries but mine.

  7. Beautiful horses, and what sounds like a fun day out! :) But what, or who exactly is that blue roan semi wild looking pony? He's awesome!! And your wee waste cast resin is lovely too :) What is he? I don't believe I've seen him before

    1. "Grumpy Pony" is a Breyer Classic Mustang Stallion customized by Emilia Kurila and owned by Erin Corbett. I took some good, studio photos of him while he was here, and he will definitely be featured in an upcoming blog post.


    2. Forgot to say that the little waste mold resin is a Karen Gerhardt Juniper. This sculpture was released in China only, not resin, so s/he's a rarity. Not sure exactly what I'll do with it, but I'm glad it's mine nonetheless.

  8. A model sized blow up doll, OMG, hilarious! And this is why I don't show performance anymore. All my tack is so outdated or ruined from use. As much as I would love to I cannot justify the cost of tack for plastic ponies out of my budget, LOL. But sure is fun to look at what folks are doing. Thanks for sharing the photos!