Sunday, May 4, 2014

Horse hunting

Teresa and I went horse hunting today.

We'd heard tales of twenty dollar Totilas models, so our first stop was Tuesday Morning.
We found a paint-your-own kit in the educational toy section...
and hit the mother lode in the area labeled "Girls Toys."
There were a few Cloud models, several new classic Morgan mares, 
a Topsails Rien Maker and a race horse but no Totilases.
Green and purple silks--just like California Chrome!
We left the store empty-handed, and went looking for real horses.  Fortunately, I knew just where to find some!
We checked in with Mystyc...
and Tiny. 
Then we walked over to the big front pasture so Teresa could meet the best foal ever. 
He was his usual charming, beautiful self.
I so love this baby!
What a fun day!  Thanks for horse hunting with me, Teresa!


  1. Looks like a great day. Bummer you didn't find a Totilas, though, especially for $20, that would have been awesome. I love the photo of the 3 horses because it's such a stark contrast between the 3 colors, even though the chestnut and bay are both "brown". It might've been a little less of an impact if the bay and chestnut were next to each other, but with the grey in between...

    1. Truth be told, I didn't care about the Totilases. Even if there had been a stack of them, I probably would have gone home empty handed. I was just along for the ride!

      I'm glad you mentioned that photo because it's one of my favorites. The horses are Gunner (paint), Casper (grey), and Toby (bay).


    2. my friend has totilase, she has an absession with him!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, you have a BIG TM store! Ours is pretty tiny. I have no clue if they have any Breyer models in but I think I may just run over there on my break today and take a peek... :)

  3. I went hunting in my area over the past few weeks and found much the same as what was in yours, as well as the Totilas, the Clydesdale mare/foal set, Secretariat movie model, Marwari, and Nugget, all for $20 a piece. If anyone has a Tuesday Morning in their area, it's worth checking out!

  4. Oops, forgot Hickstead as well. That was spanning across four stores, though.

  5. Love Tuesday Morning for bodies! Ours had almost the exact same selection last week. I picked up two Mariahs and a Topsails Rein Maker for under $40.

    Last year, I bought four rider dolls there for like... maybe $30? It was absurd and awesome compared to the "real" toy store down the street where everything costs roughly double.

    I will try not to be grumpy at you for sharing what I consider a "best-kept secret" of the model world. :)

  6. I am still kicking myself for the time I went in there during my hobby hiatus and they had Salineros for $17.99. How did I not buy all of them?!

  7. Breymere,
    can you please do one on how to fix a breyer horse~
    p.s. I have some scratches on my breyer horse:(