Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

About a week ago, I asked readers to submit mare and foal pictures for a Mother's Day post.
Oreo and Double Stuff, owned and photographed by Jennifer Buxton
I was looking for photos of models...
Velma and Templeton, owned and photographed by Jennifer Buxton.
and most of the submissions were traditional scale...
Elizabeth and Darcy resins sculpted by Jennifer Scott and painted by Sommer Prosser, photo by Jennifer Scott
or smaller!
TSS Snow Daisy and TSS Snow Duke, CollectA Clydesdales owned and photographed by Randa Garrett
Awwww!  I didn't know the Schleich donkey was a mama.  I might need to a baby for my little girl.
Daisy Brae and Hote, Schleich donkeys owned and photographed by Randa Garrett
Vicky Norris sent photos of both models...
Quarter Horse family owned and photographed by Vicky Norris.
and real horses. 
Panzy's Little Bit and Van Fran Panzy.  Panzy's Little Bit was just three hours old in this picture!  Photo courtesy of Vicky Norris.
I hadn't really planned on showcasing real mares and foals, but these pictures are much too cute not to share!
Panzy's Little Bit and Van Fran Panzy again,  Photo courtesy of Vicky Norris.
So are these...
Dolly's Doublecross (mare) and Sultana's Surprise (foal).  This little girl arrived almost a month early, hence her name!  Photo courtesy of Lynn Isenbarger
from fellow blogger, Lynn Isenbarger
Lynn with Dolly's Doublecross and Sultana's Surprise
Of course, now that we're into the real horses, I can't not include my best boy, Spring Fever, with his beautiful second mom, 269.
Since I'm one of his honorary moms, here's a picture of us together.
Thanks to everyone who sent photos and happy Mother's Day to all the moms!


  1. I absolutely, positively heart that standard bred mare + foal!!!!!!!!

  2. What a nice way to find out Spring Fever's name.

  3. Spring Fever is getting so big and really filling out! So glad things turned out well for him and for his adoptive mama.

  4. I must have missed the request for horse pictures. Bummer. Happy Mother's Day, Jennifer! I can't believe how big Spring Fever is! Wow.