Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cuter than Meeka

From the moment I first set eyes on Adalee Velasquez Hude's Toot Sweet sculpture, two things were abundantly clear:  I needed to own one and it needed to be a Pintaloosa.  I bought the resin as soon she was released and sent her off to Tiffany Purdy.  This was in 2010.
A year later, my kids' first saddle rat, Basil, died.  Tiffany knew that we were all feeling pretty blue, so she decided to help fund the purchase of a new generation of saddle rats.  She went to Petco to buy us a gift card and ended up "accidentally" adopting a dog named Mieka.  Oops!
About a month ago, I asked Tiffany to send me her NAN/Breyerfest tack list.  When it arrived, it was impressively long.  

"You're going to need to paint more than just Rat Bait," I told her.  "This list has Pintaloosa written all over it."

Tiffany agreed. "What color do you want her to be?" she asked.

"Pintaloosa!" I exclaimed.  "Tobiano with roany spots."

"But what base color?"

"Doesn't matter.  Just make her cute!"

"You need to choose!"

"No, it's up to you.  Whatever you pick is going to be adorable.  Just make sure she's as cute as Mieka when she's finished."

"I don't know," Tiffany said doubtfully.  "Mieka's pretty cute."

"You can do it!"
My Toot Sweet arrived yesterday...
and she's even cuter than I expected.
She might even be cuter than Mieka.
In any event, she's definitely Cuter Than Meeka, because that's her name.  I had to change the spelling a little because I can never remember if it's "Mieka" or "Meika" so two "e's" is simpler all the way around.
I am so pleased with my new pony.  Thank you so much, Tiffany.  She's just perfect!


  1. I've been following your blog for a while as I just love horse models and so far I've done pretty good to stop myself from taking up another expensive hobby (cause one is technically enough) but she's such an adorable horse I now have the urge to get one myself, damnit xD

    1. Welcome to the dark side ... We have cookies ;)