Friday, May 9, 2014

Access denied

I am still without a car, so today I arranged for my friend, Cara, to pick me up and take me to the barn for a trail ride.  

It sounded like a good plan, but there were unexpected roadblocks at every turn.  First, Cara couldn't get to my house...
then neither of us could get to the trail! 
We still had fun riding through the neighborhood... 
and dinking around the ring, but it wasn't the day we had planned.
Tiffany is currently painting two (maybe three?) horses for me.  This is very exciting because I love Purdy horses, but Tiffany is mean.  She won't tell me what color Toot Sweet is going to be, and as for Rat Bait...  Well, I'm getting progress pictures, but they all look like this (or worse!).
I just finished a bridle for her, and I thought about returning the favor by A) refusing to take a picture or B) taking a ridiculous picture.  Sorry, Tiffany.  Access denied.
Unfortunately, the bridle turned out just a little too nice.  I can't stand the idea of not sharing it here.
I sure wish I knew how to block one person from viewing this blog.  Ha ha!  Now that would be funny!


  1. It looks nice! Too bad you couldn't ride on the trail you wanted to, but at least you got a ride in!

  2. Ha, imagine Tiffany logging on here and seeing - "Sorry, here's your payback for not letting me see my horses!"

  3. Too funny!