Monday, May 5, 2014


After such a fun, horse-filled weekend, the idea of spending an entire day in my studio left me feeling a little blue...
Fortunately, it didn't take me too long to get in the zone.  This still needs a lot of embellishment, but at least it's more done than not done. 
In case anyone is wondering... 
as of today, there are three inches of skiver debris in my miniature trash can
My goal is to have it all filled up before the start of NAN.  Considering the amount of tack that crazy Purdy woman has on order, I think this is a very reasonable objective!


  1. Is that from Amazing Lace? :)

  2. I know I"ve said it before, Jennifer, but your pictures and the words you put with them really crack me up! I love the picture of the rider doll looking into the garbage can full of leather.

    1. And I appreciate it every time you say it, Brenda. I do enjoy writing this blog (obviously!), but it's a lot of work. Compliments lighten the load so THANKS!