Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hits and misses, part three

Jennibray may have been my most successful performance "horse" at Springamathing, but she wasn't my most versatile.  That distinction went to the lovely Lady Liberty, who showed in all three performance divisions.  

Her first class was Harness, which is not my strong suit.
I did a reasonably good job of tacking her up, but the traces of this borrowed harness were a bit too short for my cart.  That would have kept her out of the ribbons at NAN, but it was good enough for Springamathing.  
Other Performance was next.  I cobbled together a showmanship entry that almost but didn't quite work.  It's back to the drawing board for this one!
Saddleseat was better.  She won this one...
and should have won the English Trail class, too.  Unfortunately the bit fell out of her mouth, causing her to finish out of the ribbons.  Darn!
She placed second in the Other English class with a simple but nice bareback entry.  Then, it was on to the Western division, and the live show debut of my long planned Donut Race entry (complete with Donut Eating Dog).  I'm not going to lie--this was my most satisfying blue ribbon of the day.
I was still mad at myself for not blowing the English Trail class, so I recycled that entry in Western Trail.  This time I triple checked the bit, and my diligence was rewarded with another blue ribbon.  Yay!
Lady Liberty's last class was Western Pleasure/Standing, and she, once again, she claimed the top spot.
With three blue ribbons to her credit, Lady Liberty was named Reserve Champion of the Western Performance division.  Hurray!
Although she didn't do enough to earn an Overall title, Lady Liberty's performance debut was a rousing success.

Like Jennibray, she's a big, pretty model with personality galore.  She looks great on the table, and I really enjoyed showing her.  If I go to NAN in 2015, I'll definitely bring Lady Liberty with me!


  1. You did a harness entry!!!! Yayyyy!!!!

    Congratulations on such great success :-) with your beautiful horses :-)

    1. Yup, I did a harness entry. I used Tiffany's harness, Tiffany's doll and Tiffany's cart but I still get the credit, right?


  2. Nice set. Of course I am partial to anything with a mailbox in it ;). I love it when the judges color coordinate the ribbon with the entry (pink, LOL). Congrats!!!

    1. My mailbox was made by Doreen McGuire. I love it!

  3. Mailbox! I instantly thought of the Hunt when I saw that. I always adore seeing live show entries; they're so animated. As always, thanks for sharing--those of us who don't make it to live shows really appreciate it! ^.^ (Totally off-topic side comment, if you ever want to sort-of participate in a Hunt, I would love to see some of your amazing pics with what you've got instead ;) ) Cheers!

  4. Today was my first live show (Models and Milkshakes) and no, I didn't get any blue ribbons, but I still got a couple of NAN cards and I had a blast! I hope to show in performance later, as this show was just halter, but I still made a few sales at the show and met some really nice people.

  5. I know there are already a bunch of people pushing you to go to NAN 2015, but you really should go! I'm pushing for the selfish reason that I'm going and I want to meet you!