Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I dreamt about Springamathing this morning.

The show was held in a new location that was mostly outside.  My table was a long, long way from the show rings, and as I was unpacking my horses, I realized that I'd forgot to print out a copy of the class list.  I hiked across a huge field to ask the show holder (not Heather) for an extra show packet.  She told me there were no extras, I should have printed my own and I needed to go sit down and stop causing trouble.  I hiked back across the field and resumed unpacking only to realize I'd left all my saddles at home.

Then--mercifully--Darcy started barking and I woke up.

Springamathing is the biggest and best live show on the Colorado calendar, but it comes at the worst possible time for me.  May is such a busy month.  I am completely covered up in end of the school year stuff,
I'm already stressing over my NAN and Breyerfest orders,
and I am completely distracted by the beautiful spring weather.
I haven't had a lot of extra time, and most of what I've had has been spent cleaning.  Springamathing performance judge, Erin Corbett, arrives in Denver bright and early Friday morning.  She'll spend the weekend with me, and although I know she'd prefer polished entries to a polished house, I can't seem to think about the former until I've got a handle on the latter.
Of course, at the rate I'm going...  She's not going to get either!
Yhis morning's Springamathing nightmare aside, I really am looking forward to the show itself.  I know it will be a wonderful day, filled with old and new friends and beautiful plastic ponies.  I just wish I had another week (or three!) to get ready...


  1. Throw some bedsheets over the clutter piles and do the fun entry prep!!

  2. Don't worry, when I am pressed for time I just let it go, everything (normally) works out by itself even if it includes making tack during the trip to the show, I may have been pushing my luck! *g* CGC

  3. My dream was I was at NAN and forgot EVERYTHING except a body Wintersong. My worst nightmare! *cries*