Tuesday, May 6, 2014


After Sacred died, Kristina brought a big teddy bear to the barn to keep the orphan foal company.
Much to everyone's great disappointment, the foal had no interest in the bear.  After a couple days, it was taken out of his stall and has been hanging out in the barn aisle ever since. 
Last Saturday, Kristina and Kelly decided to see if their horses would react to a bear in their turn out pen.  
It was not love at first sight.
These are three sensible horses, but they were all momentarily unglued by the the big scary teddy. 
Eventually, however, they settled down... 
and started to investigate. 
At this point, we were taking bets as to which one of them would touch it first. 
My money was on Casper...
but Gunner proved to be the bravest.
Once the boys got over their fear...
there was no keeping them... 
away from that bear! 
Love nibbles. 
Casper says, "Back off, Gunner."
"This bear's mine!" 
Casper may be the boss, but Gunner is persistent.  Eventually, he gained possession of the bear.
He picked it up in his teeth and shook it, apparently traumatizing a young riding student in the near-by ring.  Her trainer reported that she kept asking why the horse was attacking the bear.  Was he mean? 
No one would ever accuse Kristina's new boy Toby of being mean.  Just look at that sweet face!
It was pretty funny watching these three nice horses interact with that Teddy Bear.  Next week, I think they need a Roomba for their paddock!


  1. OMG the Roomba's gonna give them heart attacks!

  2. These are awesome and hilarious photos! As a stuffed animal-lover, it's a little alarming to see Mr. Bear laid out in death-like fashion with large hooved mammals standing over him, but I think he was okay in the long run. :) I would have been the upset child rider in the next pen...

  3. Also: the photo of the bear lounging in the barn aisle reminds me greatly of the extremely bad movie called "Ted," with Mark Wahlberg, which my children made me watch against my better judgement. If you haven't seen it you aren't missing a THING but it really does look like Ted!

  4. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this post. It's amusing to see how the horses are investigating the giant bear. Hopefully they don't destroy it.

  5. Too-funny! I laughed right out loud when I saw the photo of the horse picking up Teddy in his teeth!

  6. *spew* that was hysterical! I have that same bear in my living room, and my dogs and cats love to sleep on it. Plus, the grandsons love to 'ride' it down the stairs (pls don't tell my daughter; gramma's secret)