Thursday, May 1, 2014

Live show round-up, part six

This is part six of the April 26 live show round-up series, but it's also part two of the Tornado Alley Goes Hog Wild show report.  All pictures in this post were taken by Janna Ragsdale and are used with permission.

The English division was next.  Janna had planned to show two horses, but tack issues forced her to abandon her Paloose in favor of her Depeche resin, Castiel.  Fortunately, Castiel was more than up to the task, winning a pair of NAN cards in the both English Trail...
and Dressage.
Val Tudor's Valentino was also up to the task, earning good ribbons and lots of NAN cards with one outstanding set-up after another.
Speaking of outstanding...  Kim Haymond's performance entries are as interesting...
and detailed as her props!  This is her Haflinger (shown with a Cristina Brown tack set)...
and here's her Purdy little mule (tack by Braymere Custom Saddlery).
Horse Ball was a surprisingly popular choice for the Other English class.  Kim's mule did it.
So did Sheila Bishop's Zenyatta...
and Janna's Castiel! 
Speaking of Sheila, here's another one of her Other English entries.  This darling Comet resin is wearing a BCS saddle.
In the end, Val's grey horse was English Performance Champion for both shows...
with Kim's mule picking up one Reserve title (yay!).
On to Western!
This nice trail entry was created by Debbie Nickrent.  Janna reports that this was Debbie's first time showing performance...  Looks like she's the hang of it already!
Janna showed two models in this division and both qualified for NAN.  This is Ruby Slippers...
and this is Arriety. 
Western Dressage has become an increasingly popular choice for the Other Western class.  This lovely entry is owned by Val Tudor.
When it was all said and done, Val's Rose Reiner claimed both champion titles in the Western Performance division as well as the Overall Performance Champion honors for both shows.
Reserve Overall went to Val's English horse.  Congratulations, to Val and everyone else who won those coveted pink cards at this very competitive show. 
This concludes the April 26 Live Show Round-up series.  Thanks to everyone who contributed their photos.  Tiffany, Lindsay, Anne, Pat, Niki, Vicky, Erin, Colleen, Sara, and Janna--I couldn't have done this without you!


  1. Thanks so much to everyone for sharing photos and to Jennifer for posting them! It was a lot of fun looking at everything--what a busy show weekend!

    The Purdy mule was reserve champ for the English division for both shows, and my little Quarter Horse (he appeared with the mule in the pack set) was awarded the Western division championships for both shows with the Rose Reiner winning the Western division reserve champs.

    1. I like all the show pictures, too. It was so much fun on Saturday watching the waves of photos appear on Facebook wall. I'm so glad everyone let me repost them here for everyone to see!

      I like all your horses (and set-ups) but that little mule has a special place in my heart. I'm so glad Tiffany was able to make her whole again!


    2. So how did the Rose Reiner who claimed both reserve champion titles in the Western Performance division take the Over All Performance Champion honors for both shows??

    3. Re-read the post. The Reiner was CHAMPION in both Western Performance divisions. Kim's QH (who is not pictured here) was the double Reserve.

    4. No, Kim's Quarter Horse was the Western division Champion for both shows. Look at the ribbons on the Rose Reiner and you can read that they both say Division Reserve Champion.

    5. I guess I'm the one who needs to slow down and take another look at things! You're right, of course. The reiner did win two reserves in the Western division. I have no idea how that translated to an Overall Championship unless he also won ribbons in the other divisions (and even then...).

  2. Just had to share this with you. I happened upon it on Amazon

    1. Why do people always send me links to thing like this?!?

      Oh, yeah. They read my blog. That's why.